Once the Promo Codes are created in MyPMS, you can then allocate the Room Types/Rate Plans to the Promo Code. Follow these steps to Set up a Promo Code and allocate Room Types and Rate Plans. See step-by-step instructions at Allocate Room Types and Rates to Promo Code (Agent)

The Rates and Availability that you have allocated to the Promo Code (Agent) can then be accessed by the guest on your Booking Engine in one of two ways: 1. Enter a Promo Code at Booking or, 2. Click on a specific URL that you create with the Promo Code.

  1. Guest enters Promo Code: SYou make Discounts available to all users through your Booking Engine so they can enter a Discount/Coupon Code. This is built into MyPMS using "Agents". See step-by-step instructions at Relationships | Promo Codes
  2. Unique Promo URL (link): You build code and display Coupons on specific web pages (ie, not all Booking Engine requests need know you have a Coupon option). In this example, JavaScript sends a unique URL to each code validated, and an error if the correct code is not provided *note: use code: "jdav" ('base' rate) , "cdil"(-10% discount rate) , "tisb"(20% 'loaded' rate) in the 'Coupon' box and watch how rates vary when you make an entry. The Agent Allocation feature in BookingCenter allows you to deliver unique combinations of Rates, Packages or Rooms to each URL.

How to create a unique URL with a specific PROMO CODE to send to guests or agents.

The specific URL (link) you create using the Promo Code will depend on the Booking Engine Template you are using:

For Example, if you were creating a unique link for a travel agency called, ABC Travel, you could create a Promo Code (Agent) ABCTRAVEL and insert it into the URL for the respective Booking Engine Template as follows:

Booking Engine 1: Multi Room Type Bookings/Multiple Rate Plans and Packages

Booking Engine 2: Single Room Type Bookings /One Rate Plan

Booking Engine 3: “Legacy” – Lists Room Types and Rates Individually

Here are two examples of how to use promo code agents to either provide a flat discount, or to sell as a Package. These are just two examples of how using Agent Allocation features in BookingCenter can help your online marketing. For step-by-step instructions, see Promo Codes

Flat Discount: Our hypothetical property wishes to offer a 15% discount to all employees of a local company 'Ted's Widgets' when staying in our Queen or King rooms. We first create our local agent at SETUP | RELATIONSHIPS | MY AGENTS and name it TEDWIDG, we also set the agent class to 'promo code'. Next we go to SETUP | RELATIONSHIPS | AGENT RELATIONSHIPS and allocate our Rack Rate Plan(s) for the Queen and King types to the agent. Once that's done, while still on the Agent Relationships screen we once again find agent TEDWIDG and set Rate Load to -15. When employees of Ted's Widgets go to make a booking on the booking engine they would enter TEDWIDG in the promo code box and the Room Types and Rates displayed to them would be adjusted by the rate loading, in this case 15%.

Selling a Package: Our hypothetical property has a dynamic or fixed package in which we offer a two night stay in a queen room and one full day of guided fly fishing. We want people to be able to book this off our website with the code 'FLYGUIDE' so we create a local agent named FLYGUIDE and set the agent class to promo code. Then we allocate only the desired package to the queen type for agent FLYGUIDE. Because we're not trying to discount the package via the promo code there's no need to adjust rate loading.

Specific Dates to Make the Rate or Package Available: If you use the BookingCenter Booking Engine, and wish to make a Discount or package available only on certain dates, then the control must be made on the Package (packages have dates available options) or on the Rate used for the Discount.  So, for the example above, if the rack rate plans were allocated, and this Discount was only to be available for April 1-10, then the dates for all other days would need to be CLOSED for the Discount to only be bookable between April 1-10. For this reason, it is usually best to create a new rate for purposes of allocating to a Discount Agent that will be CLOSED most of the time, so that it doesn't affect your use of 'rack rates'.

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