Payments are applied to the Folio in two ways. 

  1. Automatically through an online booking as a deposit or prepayment.
  2. Manually added by User through the Add Payment in the Folio.

To add a payment to a Folio, follow these steps:

  • Choose Payment Type: Payment Types are set up in SETUP|PARAMETERS|RECEIPT TYPES. See Receipt Types. There are two receipt types that require extra steps. Credit Card and Direct Bill Payments. See below.
  • Description: The description entered for the Receipt Type will automatically fill in here. It can be edited or you can enter a new description.
  • Amount: The amount due in the Folio Balance will automatically appear here. This can be edited.
  • Folio: Choose the Folio which you would like to apply payment.
  • Click Apply Payment and the transaction will appear in the Folio and be calculated in the Booking Header income and folio fields.


Direct Bill Payments

Direct Bill payments are only visible in the Payment Type drop-down list if the "guaranteed by" in the Booking Data page has been set to Direct Bill and a company assigned with an AR account with available credit limit.

Once this has been assigned, you will be able to select the DB:company as your payment method for this folio. Direct Bill payments will automatically post to the AR system at checkout.Payments behave in much the same way, except that when a credit card payment is applied. See Direct Bills and AR Accounts.

Credit Card Payments

A credit card payment type can be applied whether or not you have applied the payment through the MyCard system or manually through an external processing system.

If you are not setup with automatic credit card processing (MyCard) and have completed the credit card processing through an external system, then just choose the CC type (ie. VISA) and apply payment. This will only record the payment type and NOT process any credit cards.You will not use the Manage Credit Cards function.

My Card: If you are set up with MyCard  (See MyCard), then the credit card transaction is actually processed in 'real time' and will automatically be processed in your system when you Settle Credit Cards in the Night Audit.  Enter new Credit Card Information and manage Guest transactions in Manage Credit Cards.

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