Use the Add Additional Guests function to associate or connect two or more bookings with different names.

When bookings are linked together, then both bookings will appear when searching either booking. In addition, the guest information will appear in the booking data of both bookings.

To Add an Additional Guest to an existing booking, go to the Edit Tab

  1. Open the booking and go to the Edit Tab.
  2. Go to the # of Guests drop down list below the Room Type Grid. Choose the number of bookings you want associated to this booking.
  3. The Additional Guests Fields will appear. Type in the name of the Additional Guest.
  4. Click Get New Rates and click Save.
  5. The names of the Additional Guests will appear  with an "edit" link next to the guest name.

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Click the "edit" link next to the additional guest name to see Guest Information

 To Add an Additional Guest to an new booking, go to the Edit Tab

At the top of the new booking window, choose the number of guests to associate with the booking.


The Additional Guests field will appear at the bottom of the New Booking window.

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