Go to FRONT DESK | AR Accounts to manage Accounts Receivables. AR Accounts are used for keeping track of  Direct Bill payments made by Companies to Individual, Group or House Account Folios.

The AR Accounts keeps a record of the individual charges to the Direct Bill Account and the corresponding payments made.

To use the AR Accounts, you will first need to have a company set up and a Direct Bill payment applied to a booking folio.

  • First set up a company in SETUP | RELATIONSHIPS | COMPANIES. See Companies
  • These Companies will appear in the AR Accounts List. See AR Accounts List
    Once you have chosen a company that has an active AR Account, you will be able to use this company as the Guarantee method and will be able to select the payment type DB:Company Name in the payments field.Go to Direct Bills to learn more. See the Company section in the Setup area.
  • Apply a payment from the Company using Direct Bill as the payment type to setup an AR Account.
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There are several functions to become familiar with in the AR Account area.

Receiving Payments for Direct Bill Accounts
We use an open-item invoicing system. This means that charges can be grouped into invoices and then paid off individually. Invoices will generally only be used if the company paying requires it or if there are an excessive number of Uninvoiced charges. If a payment closes out an invoice exactly, it can be applied to the entire invoice. Otherwise, payment must be applied to the charges they are intended for. This system ensures proper accounting. see Direct Billing and Guaranteed By