BookingCenter can connect your property to a wide range of networks, the most common being OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) such as Expedia, Airbnb,, or TripAdvisor.  But there are hundreds of other OTAs we can connect, so view this list, and ask about connecting to these OTAs, or others that we may be able to connect to that aren't on this list (which is only updated a few times per year).

BookingCenter also connects to GDS and Consortia networks, which can be excellent marketing programs for the 'right' program.

A few notes on the booking you will receive via these networks:

Cancelling and Modifying Bookings from GDS and OTA networks:

Any booking made through a Global Booking Network systems (such as Pegasus, Sabre, Galileo, WorldSpan, and Amadeus) must be cancelled from the same place it was made.
Example: A guest who booked at Travelocity calls/emails to cancel. He must go back and cancel directly from Travelocity.
Example: A guest who booked with a Travel Agent wants to cancel. She must go back and cancel directly from her Travel Agent.  

If the booking is not cancelled from its origin, there will be a usd$15 cancellation fee charged to you.
If you are sold out of a unit and want to cancel a booking, you have three options:
1. Contact the guest and see if you can switch them to a different (similar) unit so that you can retain the booking.
2. Offer to 'walk' the guest - by suggesting another local inn for the guest.
3. If you cannot accommodate the booking, please contact the guest to cancel the booking. Have the guest cancel through the channel that they booked.

Important Note About Cancellations About Network Bookings: For a Travel Agent booking, contact the Agent who made the booking and have the Agent cancel the booking. If a booking is made on a GDS or a Global Booking Network Site – known by the Source on the booking, as well as the CRS Confirmation ID –then it is imperative that you inform the Guest he/she must cancel the booking with the Agent or the website from where it was booked. If you cancel the booking directly in the Member's Area, that booking will be considered cancelled 'Out of Channel and you will be billed US$15.

If you have a cancellation or a no show, your policy should cover any fees that will be incurred.
Enforce your no show policy and charge the guest a penalty. Please review your cancellation and no show policies to make sure they will cover any commission charged through the GDS channels.

Modifications to the amount
Adjustment to the amount of a booking that contains a commission fee can be made until approximately the 15th on the month after check-out. This is useful if the guest extended or shortened their stay. Simply click the ADJUSTMENT button and fill in the actual booking amount. There is more detail on this process here

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