A Child Rate is linked to a 'Parent Rate' for ease of maintenance. By having a Child Rate set as a + or – percentage (%) from a Parent Rate, one can easily manage rate tiers automatically. As the Parent Rate increases or decreases on a give day or week(s) the Child Rate automatically does so in proportion. This is commonly used for CORP (corporate) and AAA rates, for example, which are always 10% off the RACK (default) rates for a room. Use Child Rates to simplify how many rates you need to create and manage on an ongoing basis.
Click on the add Child rate button.

  1. Add a Rate ID (4 characters, letters only)
  2. Add a Description
  3. Select the parent rate
  4. Choose the percentage increase or decrease (with a minus (minus) sign in front of the number)

Click Save to save you work.
You will now see a display of your Child rate. You may edit the percentage and description only.

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