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A room booking can also be made through the Availability Chart, Room Mgmt Chart, Enquiry, and Guest functions. Choose the manner that is most convenient for you.
? Click on the Room Bookings button on the Home window, select Bookings from the BookingCenter menu or Ctrl + 8 to
display the Booking Details window
!worddav1b44b2565b5312680c83c1e51e5af497.png|height=268,width=300!Displayscurrent status of booking

Clicking on the Guest hyperlink (underlined blue) will close the Booking Details window and display the Guests windowwiththis Guest's details loaded for review.
Clicking on the Tax Exempt checkbox will exempt the cur- rently displayed booking from tax.

Finding a Booking1. Click on the Room Bookings button on the Home window. The Booking Details window will open.
2. Click on the Find button.
3. Enter either the surname, Booking ID, the Guest ID or any other field value that you desire and
click OK.
Note You can only perform a Find on one known field value at a time.
Tip If the record you are looking for doesn't come up first, use the Next and Prev buttons to
cycle through these records to locate the one you are looking for.

Making a New Booking for a New Guest
You would follow these steps to make a booking for a guest that does not already have a guest record in your system.
Remember You can initiate a new booking many ways - through the Daily Room Availability
Chart, Entering a New Guest, conducting an Enquiry, among others.
1. Click on the Room Bookings button on the Home window. The Booking Details window will open.
2. Click on the New button.
Note Clicking the New button when there is already a booking record loaded into the window
will display the New Entry Options dialog box which gives you the option of cloning the current booking (See "Cloning a Booking" on page cii) or making a new booking. Select the 'New Entry' or 'Clone Entry' option and click OK to continue.
3. If you clicked 'New Entry,' Hit [Tab].
Tip If the guest already had a record in your system, you could just use the Guest Search function
and enter all or part of the surname, first name, or company to find the existing guest record.
4. The Search for Guests window will be displayed. Click Cancel.
5. The Guests window will be displayed
(See "Entering a new Guest" on page xciii to continue.)
Note If you have configured your system to not use a the separate Guest window when making a booking, then the guest details will be entered directly into the New Booking - Booking Details window, streamlining the process.

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