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This report provides an itemized list and details of each 'Extra' (Item) sold. The report can be used to list what was actually sold between date ranges, and also as a 'requirements list' for what needs to be fulfilled.
1. The Report can be run for Groups of Items (such as 'Packages') or can be run for just a single Item
(such as '1-day Spa Package').
2. The presentation of the report can be as an 'Analysis' - analyzing the financial aspects of the Items
sales, or as a 'Requirements' - listing quantities of Items sold (and thus needing to be fulfilled).
Tip If you commonly sell Items such as Packages, Dinners, Breakfasts, or Spa treatments for a
FUTURE date, and you enter the future date it will be fulfilled on the Sale invoice when selling
it, then you can use the 'Requirements' list to track what Items are needed on any given day.

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