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The Internet settings need to be configured if you have decided to take the step of using the Internet as a sales and marketing channel. If you have already set up and configured the rest of the BookingCenter software, we have created the BookingCenter Online Checklist to walk you through the process of securely marketing, selling, and managing your inventory online. It is included as a .pdf file with your software and may also be downloaded from the Support area of BookingCenter.
Note In order to sell and market your property online, you must be a BookingCenter PRO customer or BookingCenter LITE customer with the Network Add-on.
Should you not desire to set up the online capabilities yourself, BookingCenter offers a service (Datafile Setup) to get your property fully set up. We will ask you to just fill out 2 short forms (which may be downloaded at and send us the images of your property as electronic files or as photographs to be scanned. It's the simplest way to get started selling, taking only a few minutes of your time.

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